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NETWORK    ........   OPTIONAL   N5,000.00                                      

Course Fee: ………..OPTIONAL N8,5000.00                                                                                 



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How to get your diploma as a World Health Educator

This course would be easier for anyone with a degree in nutrition or related science but it may also be difficult because it contains many new aspects about your health which you may never have thought of before.



  1.  Basic Digestion and Nutrient Deficiencies Course
  2. Cellular Medicine Course

After working through this course and completing it by taking a small test you will automatically be given a “certificate of Participation”.                                                            

The next stage: Informing others

As your awareness of the importance of this new ideas grow you will have to take responsibility and inform your family, friends and other people you care about and invite them to join you. When your friends will also complete this education course you will automatically be credited for having taken the educational responsibility of informing them about it. At this stage you will start to reap financial benefits.

There are different stages.

Before becoming a World Health Educator you will first have to be

1.   Community Health Educator          You have educated        5 Family/Friends = 5

2.   National Health Educator               Each of the five has educated 5 Friends = 25

3.   International Health Educator       Each of the 25 has educated 5 friends   = 125

4.   World Health Educator                                   ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’              625



Financial /Other Benefit

  1. You have access to our Nutrition library in Lagos and an online cellular health library
  2. You get affiliated to international NGOs and get educational training on health
  3. For each person you invite (personal Sponsorship), 10% of course fee
  4. Your Business gets listed in our Small Business Directory under your country.

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You also earn 10% on every business you initiate for CeliaPenny Gene-Nutrition Solutions or any other company listed on the Small Business site.

CeliaPenny Foundation is dedicated to providing supportive, comprehensive, and professional education in the fields of holistic health, nutrition, and the health sciences through the utilization of distance education methods. CeliaPenny Foundation Education offers online certificates of participation, to various adult learners working to enhance health and wellness in their communities.


  1. To reduce by half the poverty level in Nigeria by the year 2030. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  2. To eliminate health illiteracy by educating people on preservation of micro-nutrients during food preparation
  3. To teach participants to make healthy food choices and prevent the use of drugs
  4. Provide high quality education that enhances participants ability to help others in the field of holistic nutrition and the health sciences;
  5. Develop the knowledge and skills of participants to achieve their professional, community and personal objectives
  6. Provide participants support services
  7. Enhance communication and critical thinking skills of our study participants
  8. Support Nutrition graduates to make a positive impact in their communities.
  9. Encourage nutrition graduates and the health conscious to engage in life-long learning as scholar-practitioners
  10. Become a nutrition support school of choice in the area of holistic nutrition and wellness.


• Maintain a current industry-relevant scientific information;
• Provide a reliable online learning that is available 365 days a year;
• Provide research opportunities for participants through online library resources;
• Increase Participants awareness of the quantity, quality, and accuracy of existing and emerging research findings;