....Adding Value To Your Life!

About Us

Who we are


C.P. Ethereal Investments Limited is a privately owned Investments company registered since 1993. It is committed to adding value to people’s life. We do this through the use of a network system that enables members gain financial security. It also assists the youth to create employment with little capital at the same time help small scale businesses in the sales and promotion of their goods and services to a larger market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to add value to human life by creating jobs and reducing the poverty level in Nigeria.

Our Goal

To create 20 jobs a week starting 1st September 2015 through 2030. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

Our Mission               

Using a network system to teach one person to create jobs for two people daily starting 1st September 2015.

About the OUR Small Business Directory (OSBD)


The Our Small Business Directory is a compilation of small businesses in Nigeria that makes it easy for businesses in a particular area to be found.

The company is based in Ikeja, Lagos. We aim to empower individuals and small businesses throughout Nigeria. OSBD provides a platform for those looking for competent employees, those looking for jobs or those wanting to start or sustain a small business in their locality. It is also intended to help people especially wives and mothers working from home who do not have internet access. The small business directory works through a quick response code (QR) system. With a Category search facility NG Small Business Directory  by its design is user friendly. OSBD is a division of C.P Ethereal Investments Ltd. a company registered in Nigeria.

OSBD provides a platform for Associations to post job listings online for new members. This creates a new way of finding targeted job postings for various area of interest